New-Age Builder

with Purpose and Passion

to Build Your Dream Home -and Support SickKids


I believe giving back is a debt one owes to society, and KoKoRo HAUS is my way of giving back.  


KoKoRo HAUS isn’t so much about building homes, as it is about building dreams. Our purpose is to actualize extraordinary homes, that are built to be experienced, on an ordinary budget for our clients.


This is the reason I launched KoKoRo HAUS.  I’ve always loved building and creating; but only if it’s qualitative, meaningful, sustainable and, above all else, achievable.  


That’s what KoKoRo HAUS is all about.


KoKoRo is a Japanese concept where all three human senses —the heart, mind and soul— are combined into one.  Following this Japanese notion we create homes that touch the heart, mind, and soul of our customers — a place where a family comes together, lives and thrives.


In many respects, our motivation behind KoKoRo HAUS is similar to the SickKids Foundation, which also is an organization built on the concept of doing good for others and making an impactful difference. 


When I was approached to be a large supporter of this FUNTASTICAL! Event, it was an easy yes for me. I have always believed in giving back and doing good, as such, It’s why I have chosen to support others that do the same.


I am not only a key sponsor, I have chosen to go one step further and donate 2% of our entire sales bookings that occur through the FUNTASTICAL! Event. I am hoping this results in a significant contribution toward SickKids.


Truth be told, it’s an honour for KoKoRo HAUS to be part of this FUNTASTICAL! Event and the fundraising drive for SickKids. It is an important cause.


If you are looking for your dream home — a renovation or new build — and you are afraid it’s not possible - I have one message for you:  If you dare to dream it, we’ll dare to build it! Together we will be making a real difference to a worthy cause. 


Let’s get the conversation started — together we will

build your very own dream

KoKoRo HAUS and donate to SickKids.





Qamar Rizvi

President & CEO, KoKoRo HAUS

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